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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we're at sfo this morning where the thanks giving travel rush is already under way but could things take a little longer today? we'll tell you about a possible boycott. chp has their own tradition of their own. and we're close to a couple of records this morning. it's a busy travel day so we can get the weather to calm down.
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plus the help that is going out for those that would otherwise be out in the freezing cold this morning. the morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on wednesday november 24th thanks giving day eve i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. thank you very much. we have clear skies. it's cold out there. san francisco and napa are close to record lows and freeze warning is out until 8:00 a.m. thankfully no rain or hail or snow or tornadoes. it will be sunny and breezy and cool. . >> steph right now on the east shore freeway more people are joining us for the drive from richmond to berkeley and heading down. remember some areas that that could have a little bit of ice we're just watching for that. we haven't had too many reports of that. it's cold enough there may be black ice out there.
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this is a look at interstate 880 and that traffic is moving well. 6:02 let's go to the desk. thank you. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year for that reason some critics at the airport screening procedures are calling for a protest. claudine wong is out at sfo right now. what is going on? >> if you are heading out right now things look pretty good. we do expect things to pick up in the next hour or so and of course throughout the day as everyone tries to get to their holiday destinations for thanks giving dinner. what will the new screening procedures do to this holiday travel? that is the big question. airport spokesman joining us now. they are calling for a protest. they want to slow things up
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today. what is the likelihood of that happening? >> we're not sure what the likelihood is. we aware there are plans in place. right now we think everything is going smoothly and people should get to their destinations without too much trouble. >> let's talk about the security line. how much time on average will it take to have their boarding pass. >> this week we've been tracking between 8-10 on average. as we move in efficiently and anticipate that throughout the day. >> if someone chooses a pat down verses a body scan how much more are we talking about? people want to choose the pat down because it will take more time. >> body scan takes 20 seconds or less. people want to start doing that we may have to set up individual lines for the pat down. that is the tsa call. >> reporter: you haven't seen anything this morning?
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>> no it has been an average morning. things are moving smoothly it's busy but things are moving fine. >> reporter: you have been through this a long time. what do you usually see traveler as soon as day like this? >> most people stress levels are high. they wont to get to grandmothers house or hawaii or wherever. they want to get through efficiently and effectively and that's our goal too. >> thank you. mike joining us live. we have talked to travelers this morning and they have basically told us the same thing. that whether or not they agree with the body scanners or the pat downs or procedures they don't think today is the day to make it a statement. today is the day they want to get to their destination. live in san francisco claudine wong. people around the bay area are strap ever scrambling to -- around the bay area are
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scrambling to keep warm. the facility provides a warm bed and shelter from the cold for up to 65 men. >> people die in this weather. and that's what we are about. we're trying not to let that happen. >> elsewhere in the city people are buying up warm clothing and bundling up to deal with the chilling blast of arctic air. and ktvu kraig debro is out and about in the coldest spot. he's in walnut creek where he finds people have different techniques of dealing with the bitter cold. >> yes they do. i'm sure you do as well. i have this phone here. wherever you are outside you sometimes say to yourself or to a friend you say it's freezing out here. when you say it now it's reality. take a look at this guy right here. sitting on the bench waiting
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for a bus or a ride. he has the scarf or hood on. people are doing many different things. temperatures won't stay at 31 degrees for long. but for people who are out and about this early hour it's very cold. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning. the service says expect freezing to sub freezing temperatures this morning. again late tonight into thursday morning. and again thursday during the day and friday morning. that is black friday. people will be out shopping. we spoke with people this morning that are putting up their best front. show us your layers. >> coat sweater. a couple of tee shirts. trying to keep warm. >> i just put one of my regular tee shirts on and my work shirt and another kind of a sweatshirt jacket and then this jacket. >> reporter: it's not just people. your pet is also feeling the
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freeze. plants too. some people are already wrap their special plants. now if you are from a cold climate area you know this isn't all that bad. we don't have winds which make it even worse. there have no windchill to speak of. coming up we'll talk to other people what they are doing to stay warm and keep their pets and plants warm as well. reporting live in walnut creek kraig debro. oakland place are searching for a second suspect in a violent home invasion robbery. two people broke into a home around 8:30 last night. we spoke with police overnight. they tell us one victim was injured after being pistol whipped. police tell us they made one arrest and recovered a gun but one bus spect is -- but one suspect is still on the loose. a fishing trip turned deadly for a group of boaters.
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their crab boat became tangled in a line from a crab pod and capsized after it was hit by a large wave. five people on board were thrown into 51-degree water. no one was wearing a life jacket. they were pulled by the water from friends whop in another -- who were in another boat. >> they were cold and freezing and sopping wet of water. >> 71-year-old sogi of sacramento died. the coast guard says boaters should file a float plan. tell people where they are going, when they will return, and always wear a life jacket. 6:09 a warning has been issued. the 11-year-old latino boy was walking around last need
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friday. two teenage boys road up on bikes. hit them on the face with an unknown object. the injured boy has bruises on his face. if you have information about this contact.lieu ma police. the parents of a teenager killed in a car crash last week says they do not want the teenager to be child in the crash. 16-year-old jordan west was killed last weekend riding in a car that crashed on highway 101. investigators say the driver admitted to drinking alcohol. overnight a roll overaccident and the arrest of a driver involved. it happened at 1:30 on francis state boulevard. both the highway patrol and deputies from the marin county
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department was on scene. the driver was not seriously hurt but arrested for dui. today starts the maximum enforcement period which continues until sunday. 6:10 sal is watching the toll plaza and all the roads for us. sal. >> dave and pam traffic is going to be okay so far getting around the bay area if you are drive together air or wherever. the bay bridge will be okay for you. there are no major problems. we always watch 880 on this day especially closely. we have that picture for you there. traffic is moving along pretty well in both directions getting up to the oakland airport. this is interstate 80 from tricky. traffic will be doing okay here. you can see one vehicle moving through. you can see they are using snow
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removal equipment. so this is interstate 80 at sierra at truckie and we will let you know what the sierra is doing today. sal it's eight below in tricky. they were nine below. i was just looking here things are coming pretty fast. napa dropped to 27 and now that are 28. from that is the only thing saving us today there is enough of a breeze for some. san francisco needs 40 to set a record low. 41 last hour and this hour. they to do one going back to 1986. everything come out of the north. a lot depends on the breeze. we could go 25 if you stop that breeze. right now there is enough of one to keep things going. i saw 29 -- so it's close. we're close. but below 32 for a couple hours here. everything is as far as cloud cover will be over the ocean
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inland. it looks like a beautiful day as things calm down. so cold morning sunny and cool. 50s out there. oakland and berkeley 35. concord and livermore 32. and san jose 35. san francisco 41 does tie a record. san jose has to go to 25. that won't happen. that was in 1895. san francisco 41. oakland airport within one. synura fell this was -- san rafael 27 in 1824. they are within one degree. eight below in truckie and tahoe monterey 35. sunshine there will be plenty of it. there is no more rain until
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saturday. we do have the freeze warning out. temperatures will warm up a little bit. sunny and a little bit breezy. 50s on your temps and the five day okay. thank you, steve. could an immigration law similar to the one in arizona be coming to california? what a bay area man is doing to make it a possibility. and tensions are escalating between north and south korea. i will show you how the u.s. is getting involved coming up as the morning news continues.
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welcome back. there are new concerns another clash could lead to war. let's go to ktvu alison burns in our washington, d.c. bureau with how the u.s. is responding to all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. the united states is deploying an aircraft carrier to take part in military exercises with south korea. this is new video from overnight from the george washington leaving japan. the four-day security drill off
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the korean peninsula will begin on sunday. >> i think that everybody involved is stunned by the north korea's actions. >> president obama called an emergency meeting of his national security team yesterday. he meets with defense secretary robert gates about it again today. north korea is accusing the south of causing the clash. reporting from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. oakland will soon join san francisco in offering city issued identification cards. the city id card is targeted at residents that might have trouble getting a state id card such as the homeless. oakland's id card will double as an atm debt card. that's the first in the country. it will let people with no bank accounts avoid high check
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cashing fees. a tea party activist from belmont place a arizona style immigration law. under the new law police will be required to investigate a legal status if there is reasonable suspicion. it become a crime to hire illegal immigrants. the author needs to collect 400,000 votes by april 21st. san francisco's much publy sides ban on fast good meals with toys is back on. as expected san francisco ss vote -- supervisor voted to override the veto. this law takes effect in december of next year. 6:19 is time right now. a lot of people heading out on the road. there is more people heading out on the road than in the past new years.
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>> yeah. atlanta airport has a ground stop. i was checking up on that. they say the planes may not be allowed to take off at atlanta airport because of severe fog and poor visibility. i know it may not effect a lot of you. other airports across the country so far not all that bad. we'll keep you posted. here in the bay area the bay bridge looks pretty good. there are no major problems if you are driving out to the bay bridge. it looks pretty good get into the city. this is a look at 880 near the oakland airport. that traffic is moving along pretty good. no major problems getting to the airport this morning. this is 280 if you're going to san jose until problems there. we have reports of black ice on highway 17. nothing major. now let's go to steve. . >> thank you. cold, cold one out there. close to some records.
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san francisco has tied 41- degree. so far not officially. san rafael at 31. we do have cold readings here. i will show you in a second or two. freeze warning until 8:00 a.m.. breeze there seems to be enough of a breeze. lows 25-32. we could see teens if we didn't have a breeze. inland areas below 32 for awhile. cold and crisp and clear. looks like a beautiful day. it will take awhile to warm up. warmer temperatures by the coast and inland. lafayette two readings at 29. wood side at 29. minus 8 tahoe. minus 8 in truckie. low 30s to mid 30s. we're done with the rain. cold morning. sunny and breezy.
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that freeze warning out until 8:00 a.m.. a lot of low 50s. tomorrow looks colder though we'll lose the breeze. it will be sunny and nice. mostly sunny an friday and rain on saturday. a warmer system. this morning the labor department unemployment benefits fell to its lowest level. first time filings fell to 407,000. that's down 34,000. that's a hopeful sign the job market may be improving but analyst warn the market remains volatile. american consumers are not as stressed by debt a new associated press poll says 59% says asked they feel little or no stress because of family debt. last year 49% reported feeling little or no stress. that indicates americans are getting a handle on their new
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financial circumstances. during this week ktvu news told you how much time bart police officers spend patrolling drains. well now bart is formally responding to that investigation. and those holiday toys you're shopping for my carry labels saying they are safe bu one group says you can't always believe the packages. good morning highway 4 traffic looking pretty good if you are driving over to the westbound base point area. i'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning. right now traffic is going to be busy. although it is not commute like. it's not as busy but still people getting to places like airports. we'll follow that. thank you. 6:26 bart is responding to a ktvu news investigation. it reveals that bart officers spend 15 minutes or less riding trains. bart released a new statistic showing 22% of recent crimes on bart property happened on trains. 39% happened in stations another 39% occur in bart
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parking lots. they may add more patrols on trains next year. the u.s. public interest research group says toys are safer this holiday season than last year. just four of the 260 days it tested this year violated federal safety standards but the group warns just because a toy is labeled as being safe for a child doesn't mean it actually is. some toys that passed federal guidelines can create choking hazards for young children. >> my toy that my son choked on did meet the standard. it was a dangerous toy. >> the complete toy safety report includes information on all types of safety hazards in toys including dangerous chemicals. now we have a link to the full report on our website at pam, the people calling for a national opt out at air force today have new tactics in their
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protest. the item of clothing they are asking travelers to wear to embarrass the airport screeners. it's freezing outside. what are people doing to stay warm?
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welcome back to the morning news. the guys from dispickable me, willie won coo -- wonka ringing the opening day bell. miranda is supposed to be there or will be in the parade. i think she will be there. >> everybody knows miranda. >> she's the disney channel gal. i know my kids know her. any way, they are ringing the
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bell shortened week. markets are closed tomorrow for thanking giving day. you can see on the bottom part of your screen dow jones up 37 points. we will say good morning to you. thank you for joining us i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we are now hearing about some tactics planned by critics of new airport screening procedures that are calling for a national day of protest. they are call it national opt out day. they want people to refuse to go through the full body scanners and instead opt for the enhanced pat downs which cause more times and could cause delays. people say they plan to wear kilts to the airport today in the scottish tradition to embarrass airport screeners. >> interesting. if you haven't been outside yet it's cold.
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the they areometer dipped below freezing. craig is in walnut creek now. what sit like out -- what is it like out there? >> reporter: it is cold. what people don't think of what when they are out here is a hat. the hat keeps the heat. and also wear gloves. i forgot mine today. it's freezing out. literally freezing. to give you an idea how freezing it is there you go 32 degrees. that's the freezing point. a lot of people out here this morning are having difficulty staying warm but the prediction that this would be a freeze warning in the inland areas so far it's on the money. if you didn't hear the forecast, you felt the weather as soon as you stepped outside. for the most part people are prepared. strategies for beating the bad
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weather include layers. staying inside and drinking hot. if it's 31 degrees you dress like that. if it's 100 degrees you dress like that. >> that's right. >> reporter: you' not cold? >> not really. >> reporter: there also strategies you can use to keep your pets and plants warmer. but we are working on something right now that i think you will enjoy when you see it. as you may not, there are a lot of people that do exercises outdoors including swim clubs. we will try get ahold of a swim club and talk to them why they would be out in the weather as freezing as it is. reporting live in walnut kraig debro. several people in san francisco are still without gas this morning following a car crash that set off aleutian of events -- set off a chain of
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sevenths. police say the driver of this suv suffered a medical emergency and hit a 21-year-old pedestrian. that gas meter was also broken in the crash. that prompted pg&e to shut you have gas for four customers. the pedestrian was rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the condition of the driver still not known at this hour. in vallejo police are investigating an accident that injured an 18-month-old child being pushed in a stroller. police say a truck hit the toddlers in the intersection of georgia and napa centers. they were in the crosswalk at the time. a passenger in the truck told police that the driver did not see the mother or the baby because it was dark. california has just hired four gas pipeline inspectors. the move came after many state
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lawmakers urged the puc to boost staffing levels following the pipeline disdays is tore in -- disaster in san bruno. the newspaper uncovered records showing miles for miles california conducts the fewest pipeline inspections of any major state. 6:34 the nation's largest water district is pulling out of a carefully broker plan to restore the fresh water delta. they are pulling out but claims the federal government plans to slash water supplies to farmers. it won't fund the plan unless it's guaranteed sufficient water deliveries. it irrigates 600-acres of crops. according to the san francisco chronicle oakland police booted oakland mayor
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elect gene quan's car because she had $1,000 in parking tickets. she ran a check on quan's 2009 toyota prius. they ordered her car to be booted. within hours her car was released. 6:36 is the time right now. sal is keeping an eye on the roads and airports. how do things look? >> we'll check with the oakland airport right now. we'll speak with rosemary barns. good morning. yes, good morning. i wanted to ask you what the is the parking situation there like? is there going to be plenty of parking when people go to
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oakland airport? caller: absolutely. plenty of parking. over the is cheaper. check to down load a coupon. >> i don't know if you can see we have airport delays across the country. atlanta has a ground stop which means planes are not being allowed to take off. 458 minute delays there. chicago 15. houston 15 minutes. are there delays at oakland right now? caller: no delays. we are thankful for this beautiful weather that is forecasted for today. >> if you can give me one tip this is the busiest day of the year. what can they do to speed up their travel? caller: what i want to recommend is customers get to the airport 90 minutes before
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their take off. things have definitely been dealt but we are expecting heavier loads throughout the day. >> all right. that is rosemary barnes. thank you. we'll be checking in with you and we'll be watching airports. right now getting there in your car is okay as you heard rosemary said. they do have a lot of parking there. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. traffic is doing well. not a typical commute as you get into san francisco. a lot of people aren't going to work but they are going somewhere. and this mornings commute through hayward and union city it's looking pretty good. let's go toasty. thank you. a very good morning. if you are listening but you're not watching there you go. it's cold out there. we have clear skies.
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you don't have to worry about rain or snow or tornadoes which they had. extremely rare but very rare for us even in november. freeze warning the big news. it's a cold one out there. until 8:00 this morning. 25 32 there is still enough of a breeze though so most locations are around 29 to 33 degrees. below 32 for several hours. i think it will be colder tomorrow. it goes until 8:00 the freeze warning. everything is dropping down out of the north even the sierra nevada is dropping down. talk about the best snow you will see. 50s on your temperatures. it will be sunny and breezy and cool. 32 to start. 48 and a high of 55. that will be one of the warmst locations. 41 san francisco. ties a record low.
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32 concordmy -- concord livermore. 25 the record in san jose set back in 1895. they will not set a record. there is the 41 in san francisco in 1906. santa rosa 24. they won't set a record. oakland is close they made it to 35. san rafael 27 in 1894 that one caught my attention. and napa is 26. so we are close. eight below in tahoe and tricky. reno is 11. sacramento and monterey 35. it will be sunny today but not warm. yesterday's system is gone. no more rain until saturday that freeze warning will take us tonight and into tomorrow as well. at least we have sunshine today. and we'll have sunshine and a dry pattern today and tomorrow. sunny and a little bit breezy.
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freeze warning until 8:00. 50s on your temps today. it will be very cold in the morning. 6:40 is the time right now. the body of a missing teenage boy has been found. he was found thousands of miles away from his home. why that is just one part of this unusual story. . >> and how the homeless in the bay area are coping with the freezing temperatures this morning.
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welcome back. good morning to you. this is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you. the bodies of two civilians have been found on a south korean island and two south korean marines were killed in that attack. president obama is asking china to pressure north korea to end the attacks. . >> they have growed now how to -- they have agreed now to select a new mayor. the nominee that gets six of the supervisor votes a majority will become the interim mayor. this mornings freezing temperatures could damage plants here to protect your plants from the cold plant owners you ared atized bring them indoors during the d --
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you are advised to bring them indoors during the night. ktvu channel if t reporter -- ktvu channel 2 reporter ally is to tell house how people are coping with the cold. >> reporter: we are on market street in san francisco all morning long we have seen people looking down the street that look thick lice think are huddled and chins buried in their winter coats. san francisco is dealing with record breaking low temperatures. >> i made sure i bundled up and had these layers. it's really cold. now i feel better because of walking. >> reporter: for the city's -- this kind of weather can be
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very dangerous. st. boniface church converted its heated auditorium into a shelter. 65 men were able to spend the night there. people have lined up outside the church for a spot inside the auditorium. not everyone made the cut. >> when it's real cold and you don't have nowhere to go, it's frustrating. it really is frustrating. i was homeless one time. it was very frustrating. you have nowhere to go. you are outside so it's hard. >> reporter: now not only is it cold here in san francisco, it's also fairly windy and even though the temperatures inland and the east bay are technically lower they are closer to the freeing part there. a lot of people we talked to says it feels cold here in san francisco because of the chilly wind. coming up on mornings on 2 we talked to people that had to work overnight in the cold weather. live in san francisco ally
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rasmus. in new zealand officials say they have given up hope finding survivors of a coal mine explosion. a second education motion has rocked the -- a second explosion has rocked the coal mine. methane gas has been keeping the rescuers from going into that mine to save them. even if the missing men survive that first explosion they probably would not have survived the second one. police in massachusetts believe the body of a 16-year- old boy found dead may have fallen from the rear wail of an airplane. he was discovered. a flight from charlotte landed in boston after the boys body was found. there have been 63 flights with
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rear wheel stole aways. there is a newly released add it that shows -- audit it shows there was a million dollars not spent. three agents oversee the funding. the audit suggests having one commission track the spending instead. a meeting is scheduled next month to talk about this report. the world champion san francisco giants have sealed the deal with their top home run and rbi man. san francisco has resigned the star first baseman aubrey huff. it's a two year, $22 million deal. aubrey huff says he loves playing for the giants. this past san he said it was the most fun he's had since he's been in baseball. he's a big favorite of all the giants fans and he helped get them there to the very top.
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6:48 is the time. let's go over to sal to check in on traffic. sal. >> this morning we will check in very quickly with chief bart spokesman johnson. just to check in on the situation. bart is running longer trains today and sunday and bart has extra parking today. correct? >> yes. 500 extra parking spots for those of you that want to park long-term and pay $5 a day and east bay $5 a day on the peninsula. >> so the parking situation and you might want to speak into your phone a little bit. the parking situation do you think those parking spots will run out at all? >> jury room -- generally what happens when we don't have this many commuters those spots free up and we make them for our thanks giving travelers. we'll have enough. we should.
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>> all right. thank you very much as usual giving us good information about bart. that is chief spokesman lindon johnson. they seem to be handling it pretty well today. bart is a good way to get to the airport. let's take a look at 880 if you have to take the car there is a lot of parking at the oakland airport. it will be expensive. if you have to go there, right now traffic is okay. bay bridge not a typical commute. that looks good. if you are driving into san francisco northbound 101 traffic looks good. a reminder for drivers in san francisco parking meters and street sweeping will not be enforced tomorrow in the honor of thanks giving holiday. muni will also run on a sunday schedule. on friday everything returns to normal. parking and street sweeping will be enforced. i encourage you to look at the signs. there are some meters in some areas it's always enforced no
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matter what. a couple of limited areas. read the signs carefully. let's go to steve. thank you very much. officially the low for san francisco is 41. it's tied that. but there are other areas that are below and i will show you in a second. it's cold coast bay and inland. skies are out. this freeze warning goes until 8:00. yes it's darn cold out there. 25-32 depending on the wind. most locations have a hint of a breeze and that is saving us from being even colder. i think tomorrow morning thanks giving morning will be colder. san francisco temps twin peeks 36. sunset 37. that is cold. outer richmond 38. andmarina district 32. cold morning and sunny 50s today on the highs. low 50s for many. the coldest i could find
6:52 am
25nakosia and pinole. lafayette at 29. wood side at 29. nine below in tahoe is a record low. and there are many records being set not only here a few but a lot in northern california. that nine below in tahoe that shattered the old mark. sunshine today. looks good. clouds out over the ocean as that cold air rides over the warmer ocean temps. a cold morning. sunny and breezy. 50s on your temps today. cold morning morning. i think cold perp sunny and mostly sunny on friday. online holiday sells are expected to be higher this year. it will jump 11% this holiday season. that would bring total online
6:53 am
holiday spending to $32.5 billion. the national retail federation $2.3% increase for sales. checking in on wall street. getting help this morning from ireland laying out a four-year plan to cut some $15 billion you are row in savings to bring down its record deficit. that is helping european markets in the u.s. as well. in about a half hour the commerce department will report new home sales for october. most economists predict sales were up slightly. that follows yesterdays reports previously sales dropped. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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6:56 let's go to tori. >> good morning. coming up in minutes if you are getting up it is freezing outside. literally. we'll be live at the coldest spots in the bay area. and what people are doing to keep their plants and pets safe. despite the weather shoppers are camping out already. what has inspired them to wait outside for three days and how
6:57 am
they are passing the time. and we're live at sfo where the thanks giving get away is under way. how are the security lines is anyone taking part in the opt out protest and how crowded are the parking lots. those answers coming up in a live report. also an earthquake hit in theline hawaiians -- earthquake hit on the hawaiian islands. a need for new strategies to prevent a serge in diabetes. diabetes will effect half of americans in 2020. for those dealing with type two aerobics combined with weight training is good for controlling blood sugar levels. show the greatest increase in peak oxygen intake which is a measure of fitness. they also lost the most weight. visitors to san francisco
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could soon save money under a new plan for a universal pass. the plan introduced by supervisor ross calls for a pass for kote tower and the betan call garden. the one day pass will set different rates for people that live in san francisco and out of towners. children under the age of five will get in free. airport protests may slow down today's holiday get away day. we'll find out what is happening at sfo. and we'll have more on the bay area big chill on this coldest day of the season so far. stay with us.
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